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Family: Eating together at the dinner table

family Dinner table

How many of you eat at least one or two meals a day with your children, or as a family at the table ?

I have found that eating with our young children can: 

  • Help them eat more
  • Encourage them to taste a variety of foods they would not normally eat as you, as the parent are role modelling this behaviour. 
  • Encourage bonding (especially as child gets older)


Eating dinner or meals with older children can:

  •    Give you a chance to talk about your day or any concerns your children may have
  •    Eating dinner at home together usually results in more nutritious food being consumed rather than      takeaways
  •   Allow them to feel more involved in meal prep or meal planning
  •   Create a consistent stable home environment

It can be hard to find the time to make food for the children to eat,  let alone yourself but If you have a fussy wee one, it could be worth a try.

We have noticed even if Ezra has had his meal he will still come over to try to eat whatever the adults are having . I am of the belief that we should expose them to many different foods ( suitable for their age and stage) and let them taste the food for themselves, even if you know they may not like it or will not manage to actually get any in their mouths .

NOTE:  If you have a history of allergies or are hesitant about trying anything new, please consult your doctor first.

I give Ezra almost anything if I am eating it and he takes an interest (provided that I believe it is healthy and ok for him to taste) often it might be a few mouthfuls of chunky vegetable soup , a raw green bean , homemade popcorn ( with kernel removed) and even mushrooms on toast .

This is how I discovered he loved smoothies and sushi at 7 months  !!!

So now , I always try to sit down with my toast, salad , soup or toasted sandwich .

This morning as part of his breakfast, which was toast along with some banana mixed with yoghurt and cereal, I decided to give him some of my smoothie. I put it in a shot glass since it’s nice and small for him to drink from and he gobbled it up. I wish I had taken an ‘after ‘ photo of his face 

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2 thoughts on “Family: Eating together at the dinner table”

  • I agree, even if only one parent is there, sitting at the table to eat together has so many benefits.
    I know a family who at most supper times will take turns sharing their “high and lows” of their day. Once my little one is old enough to be able to do that, I’m going to make it a part of our day.
    Thanks Charlotte, I like your blogs!

  • Yes!! So true! We eat as family every single night and it’s my favourite part of the day hearing what the kids got up to at school and kindy, trying new foods and talking about was fun/challenging about our day.

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